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À propos de nous: À propos de nous
À propos de Tanana Expédition

About Us


As often the beautiful stories begin with an encounter!

This was done on a boat sailing towards Cape Horn between a skipper, a former high-level athlete kayaker, a highly experienced cross-country skier and a mountaineer!

Together they decide to buy this superb boat capable of sailing on all the seas and oceans of the planet and to create Tánana Expedition.


The skipper


Patrick Jeandidier - the skipper of Tanana Expedition

Captain of the Merchant Navy, engineer in technological risk prevention, he practiced mountaineering a lot and it was in particular to practice the mountains aboard his boat that he discovered the mountains of the Andes Cordillera and Darwin.

"After a career shared between sports, risk management and entrepreneurship, I became passionate about meaningful adventures and founded with the help of friends the company TÁNANA EXPEDITION.

Safely accompany enthusiasts, scientists or adventurers to navigate in regions as difficult to access as they are extraordinary. Share with them values of ecology, knowledge of the environment in the conviviality and rigor necessary for these polar expeditions.

With TÁNANA we are going to go even further and in better conditions for those who will do us the honor of placing their trust in us".

His main flaw? Is able to sing Louis Mariano in the Drake.


Gaël is the all-rounder of the team, he has been immersed in the Mac Gyver series since he was little.

An excellent sailor and a true warrior when it comes to acting fast and well when the conditions call for it.

He has a direct line with his friends the whales and on request he organizes cetacean ballets for us.

His main flaw?

Is able to devour a can of sardines in full oil on bacon for breakfast

The second


Gael, the mate of Tanana Expedition

The cook/sailor


Silvina, the cook/sailor of Tanana Expedition

Silvina is Argentinian, she is the only bipolar of the crew (she worked in the Far North).

She concocts bread and yoghurt for us every day and manages the feat of treating us to dishes made from fresh produce during the 26 days that each expedition lasts.

She is the soul of the boat, her energy and her smile are contagious.

Her main flaw?

She has the annoying tendency to take it for a penguin

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Write to us or call us, and embark with us for exploring your dreamsare.

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