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Cap Horn: Vacances
Tanana Expedition - Cap Horn

Cape Horn
Glaciers of the Darwin Cordillera


Who hasn't dreamed of the mythical Cape Horn, the southernmost land on the planet?

Crossing this Cape is quite a symbol for travellers. Afterwards we visit the glaciers of Darwin Cordillera in a pure, wild and sublime nature...

Strong points : Crossing Cape Horn, navigation in the Beagle Channel, exploringof the Darwin Cordillera



Tanana Expedition - Cap Horn



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Tanana Expedition - Cape Horn
What to know before you go
What you should know before you go

Embark on Tánana means to become a full member of the crew. 

Don't worry, you don't need to have a long sailing experience.

Life on boat is also living together means sharing space.

You will participate in maneuvers, keepwatches (under the guidance of the professional crew) and life on board.

We will share this adventure and our passion for the Deep South with you!

Everything will be done to ensure that the cruise goes well, to respect the program and to be on time, but it must be kept in mind that we will navigate in areas where nature is queen and the wind sometimes capricious. The itinerary proposed in the day by day is therefore purely indicative, it will be necessary to accept any change.

Circuit characteristics
Circuit characteristics

The purpose of this exploration is to cross the mythical Cape Horn, to discover the extreme south of Patagonia, its fauna and the glaciers of the Darwin Cordillera.


Navigations alterns every 3 to 6 hours per day (with the exception of the Cape Horn crossing day which is longer) and excursions balances the program.


We mooring almost every night.

For this stay, it is important to note that the rare night shifts are not compulsory but it is a superb experience to sail under the Southern Cross!


An integral part of this adventure is your participation in life on board such as navigational aids, maneuvers and meals.

The circuit
Day by day program for Cape Horn
The day by day program

(indicative program and subject to change depending on the weather conditions of the moment)

  • Day 1 : arrival in Ushuaia, installation in the boat and exit formalities from Argentina.

  • Day 2: navigation to Puerto Williams and entry formalities in Chile free time in the village of Puerto Williams and typical Patagonian dinner.

  • Day 3: navigation to Puerto Toro and visit of the southernmost village on the planet.

  • Day 4: crossing the Bay of Nassau and anchoring in one of the calétas of the Wollastons archipelago.

  • Day 5: navigation to Cape Horn, visit of the lighthouse if the sea conditions allow disembarkation, we bring fresh fruits and vegetables and some sweets for the family who spends 1 year isolated in the lighthouse.

  • Day 6: return crossing of Nassau Bay and anchorage on Lennox Island.

  • Day 7: return to Puerto Williams and additional refueling if necessary.

  • Day 8: navigation on the Beagle channel towards the west to reach the Darwin Cordillera (possibility of navigation at night). Arrival at Caleta Olla.

  • Day 9 to 18: navigation in the glaciers and fjords of the Darwin Cordillera around Gordon Island with anchorage every evening, fishing for centolla (king crabe), robalo or sometimes salmon and hikes on land to take a little height.

  • Day 19: back to Puerto Williams.

  • Day 20 and 21: exit formalities from Chile, navigation on the Beagle channel and arrival in Ushuaia.

Number of participants
8 to 10 team members
Beginning of stay
Embarkation and disembarkation in Ushuaia 21 days
A physical training
A physical training

On all the courses offered, it is not necessary to be a great sportsman but a good physical condition is required. Each team member must be able to get on and off in the tender, walk for a few hours on unmarked terrain, climb a drop of 300 meters and know how to adapt to the climatic conditions of the areas of the Deep South.

Equipment for Antarctica

An advice on equipment will be given to you when you register concerning clothing, footwear and accessories adapted to the climatic conditions. Rest assured, nothing rocket science!


The French maritime authorities impose a very complete pharmacy and your captain is trained and authorized to deliver it if necessary.

However, the first dentist or other specialist is within a few days of access.

Note that a French-speaking doctor is in satellite connection for each trip.


Barring exceptions, departure and arrival are from Ushuaïa. An arrival is nevertheless possible at the small airport of Puerto Williams for flights from Santiago de Chile via Punta Arenas.


On board of our boats, all the safety equipment is present: life jackets, harnesses, life raft, ERPIB1 beacon, PLB beacon, MOB (Man Over Board) device, VHF, satellite telephone.


You need a valid passport, it should be valid for at least 3 months after the end of the cruise. No visa for the Swiss, Belgians, Canadians and French. Upon arrival, you will be issued with a 3 month residence permit. Full Covid 19 vaccination is mandatory for Antarctica.

The price includes

Accommodation on board the boat and supervision of the trip.
The price does not include
Repatriation cancellation insurance, airport/boat transfer, any hotel nights before and after the trip following your flight, wines and strong alcohols, meals taken ashore and on-board cash of 40€/day
Next dates for Cape Horn
Tariff for Cape Horn
Next departure dates & prices
for our shipment to 
Cape Horn

Date of departure

Return date
























Ready to go?
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