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Cabotage à la découverte des Îles Lofoten

Coastal navigation of the Lofoten Islands

7 days of coastal navigation in the middle of the fjords under the aurora borealis!

The Lofoten Islands are scattered in the turbulent waters of the Norwegian Sea, high above the Arctic Circle. 

This privileged position, at the forefront of the wild world, gives it an infinite reserve of landscapes mixing mountains, fjords, sea birds, long beaches and charming little fishing villages.

Cabotage to discover the Lofoten Islands
What to know before you go
What you should know before you go

Embark on Tánana means to become a full member of the crew. 

Don't worry, you don't need to have a long sailing experience.

Life on boat is also living together means sharing space.

You will participate in maneuvers, keepwatches (under the guidance of the professional crew) and life on board.

We will share this adventure and our passion for the Deep South with you!

Everything will be done to ensure that the cruise goes well, to respect the program and to be on time, but it must be kept in mind that we will navigate in areas where nature is queen and the wind sometimes capricious. The itinerary proposed in the day by day is therefore purely indicative, it will be necessary to accept any change.

Circuit characteristics
Circuit characteristics

Head for the Norwegian islands of Lofoten for a week surrounded by exceptional landscapes...


Whether you are new to navigation or already seasoned, this is the ideal trip for those who wish to discover this unique territory by taking advantage of a respectful and comfortable means of transport, all within an experienced and professional crew.


The archipelago is located off Bodo, north of the polar circle and extends over 150 km. To the north, the landscape presents grassy expanses and to the south, a very steep relief, the mountains seem to come out of the sea.


Navigating here is discovering an authentic land, which years ago was a hotbed of Viking civilization.


We will alternate sailing and hiking on land.

Cabotage to discover the Lofoten Islands
Program day by day
The day by day program

(indicative program and subject to change depending on the weather conditions of the moment)

  • Day 1: Boarding in Svolvaer:
    Embarkation in the evening on the boat at the port of Svolvaer (main town of Lofoten).


  • Days 2 to 5: Discovery of the south coast of Lofoten:
    Navigation on the south coast of the archipelago, with various stops up to its extreme south. This whole area is absolutely stunning. Planned stopovers: Nusfjord (listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Then we will go to the Hamnoy fjord, to Reine (wonderful site, interior lagoon) then Sorvagen, a pretty little historic town and finally A, the southernmost village of Lofoten (looks like the end of the world). Ascent towards the northeast with a stopover at Henningsvaer, the Norwegian Venice, then Skrova (superb walk with a culminating view of the Lofoten wall).


  • Day 6: Heading for Trollfjord:
    Heading for Trollfjord: change of scenery with the entry into the Norway of the fjords before stopping at Trollfjord (the pearl of Norway). Mooring for lunch then return to the port of Slovaer, the main port of the Lofoten Islands. Last night in town.


  • Day 7: Disembarkation in Svolvær:
    Disembarkation at Svolvaer early in the morning and return flight to Paris. A possible overnight stay is to be considered in Copenhagen, depending on the flight plan.

Number of participants
8 to 10 team members
Beginning of stay
Embarkation and disembarkation in Svolvaer
Medical form to be completed for our expedition
A physical training
A physical training

On all the courses offered, it is not necessary to be a great sportsman but a good physical condition is required. Each team member must be able to get on and in the tender, walk for a few hours on unmarked terrain, climb a drop of 300 meters and know how to adapt to the climatic conditions of the areas of the Deep South.

Equipment for Antarctica

Advice on equipment will be given to you when you register concerning clothing, footwear and accessories adapted to the climatic conditions. Rest assured, nothing rocket science!


The French maritime authorities impose a very complete pharmacy and your captain is trained and authorized to deliver it if necessary.

However, the first dentist or other specialist is within a few days of access.

Note that a French-speaking doctor is in satellite connection for each trip.


Barring exceptions, departure and arrival are from Ushuaïa. An arrival is nevertheless possible at the small airport of Puerto Williams for flights from Santiago de Chile via Punta Arenas.


On board of our boats, all the safety equipment is present: life jackets, harnesses, life raft, ERPIB1 beacon, PLB beacon, MOB (Man Over Board) device, VHF, satellite telephone.


You b=need a valid passport, it should be valid for at least 3 months after the end of the cruise. No visa for the Swiss, Belgians, Canadians and French. Upon arrival, you will be issued with a 3 month residence permit. Full Covid 19 vaccination is mandatory for Antarctica.

The price includes

Accommodation on board the boatand travel management.
The price does not include
Repatriation cancellation insurance, airport/boat transfer, any hotel nights before and after the trip following your flight, wines and strong alcohols, meals taken ashore, on-board cash of €40/day andhas sea kayak rental if required.
The next dates for the Lofoten Islands
Rates for the Lofoten Islands
Next departure dates & prices
for our expedition on
the Lofoten Islands

Date of departure

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