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Tánana Expédition - Expériences de Voyage Maritime Inoubliables

Go on an adventure


Whether you have the soul of an adventurer, a sailor, a photographer, a diver, a kayaker, a skier, whether you are a dreamer or simply want to discover new horizons...

The trip of your life awaits you here!

The Deep South with Tánana Expedition

Where wild nature and breathtaking landscapes meet, offers an unforgettable and exhilarating experience that calls for adventure and exploration.

The Great North with Tánana Expedition

A mysterious and enchanting expanse, where eternal ice meets starry nights, awakens an unparalleled sense of adventure and discovery.

The Tánana sailboat - Your comfortable and safe home during our maritime expeditions

Tánana, a sailboat 24 meters designed by Gilles Vaton, combines speed and safety thanks to its reinforced aluminum hull and its 280 m² of sail area.

Equipped with a 250 hp turbo engine, it is ready to face all conditions.

With 6 cabins, 4 bathrooms and a large saloon, it comfortably accommodates 12 people.

Registered in the French International Register (RIF) and approved as a Commercial Use Vessel (NUC) by French Maritime Affairs, it meets the most demanding international safety and seaworthiness standards.

French International Registry

The boat and its professional crew has been approved by the maritime affairs and the ship is part of the RIF (French International Register) it is a guarantee of safety and reliability!


Do you dream of admiring the aurora australis, to observe the humpback whales, THE king penguins, THE killer whales where the leopard seals ?

To navigate the seas of Great South, cross the Cape Horn, browse the beagle channel, cross the Drake Sound ?

To explore under the ice of Antarctic, of to ski in the immensity of the white continent, of paddle a kayak in the middle of patagonian canals or some icebergs of the Antarctic Peninsula ?

Or to follow in the footsteps of polar bear in Spitsbergen, of to ski in the majestic Lyngen Alps, to discover the marvelous Lofoten Islands ?

All this is possible on board the Tánana!

The destinations of Tánana Expedition - Exploration of magnificent places around the world
Panoramic view of Antarctica - Spectacular frozen landscapes on an expedition with Tánana

Discover the Great South in ways you never imagined.

Go on an expedition to the heart of white continent, where gigantic glaciers serve as the backdrop for a living spectacle of whales, seals and penguins that surround you.

They say about us!

Laurence (antarctica February 2023)

“I have only incredible memories of this adventure aboard TÁNANA.
Having no sailing experience, I was delighted to learn some basics.
Whether sailing or at anchor, each day offered us its share of adventures, surprises and wonder.
I particularly appreciated, during outings at sea or on land, that we were given plenty of time to enjoy this extraordinary nature.
What a pleasure to be able to observe in these conditions colonies of penguins, whales, sea leopards, see and listen to the glaciers, slalom in a dinghy around the icebergs...
After these busy days, the warmth and comfort of the boat were still very much appreciated.
Finally, special mention to the excellent meals cooked by our adorable Silvina, with fresh products until the last day!
A big thank you from the bottom of my heart to each of the crew members for your good humor, your energy and your professionalism.
I lived on TÁNANA 26 days of dream and pure happiness. »

Anne Marie (Cape Horn Darwin Glaciers March 2023)

" There are trips that we have long dreamed of, "passing" the mythical Cape Horn, approaching glaciers plunging into turquoise waters, combining the sea and the mountains in the same cruise. Everything was on point. But I hadn't imagined the dazzling autumn colors of the lenga forests, the beauty of the anchorages in tiny indentations of the coast and the reflection of the snow-capped peaks in the water, the friendliness of the assados on the beach.. And also the experience and the generosity of the captain, in love with these lands at the end of the world and eager to help us discover them as well as possible, and such a friendly crew whose competence competed with their good humor.»

Yvan (Antarctica January 2023)

"Unforgettable expedition to Antarctica:
First of all the passage of Drake which is an airlock to "another planet".
Then, an atmosphere and colors that I have not seen anywhere else (sparkling white, intense black, ice blue). And what about the fauna (whales, penguins, sea lions, ...).
Our Argentinian chef prepared delicious homemade dishes for us every day.
The other participants also made this adventure a success with respect for the places and the fauna, linked to this mode of transport that is more respectful of nature.
Finally, thank you to the captain and the crew for sharing their passion for Antarctica, the choice of anchorages, the Dinghy outings.

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